Redesigning Your Wedding and/or Engagement Ring

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While an engagement or wedding ring is intended to last a lifetime, it is becoming increasingly common for people to decide that they’d like to redesign their ring, whether that’s because they no longer feel like the design is a good fit, as a means of celebrating a milestone, or for any number of additional reasons.

And believe it or not, you can redesign your engagement or wedding ring. To get the process started, you can visit us if you live in northern New Jersey or your local jeweler.

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Can You Get Your Jewelry Wet (In the Shower, Pool or Ocean)?

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In a New Jersey summer, and between the pool and the ocean, there’s plenty of swimming to be done. But can you get your jewelry wet? The answer depends on a few things, namely, what your jewelry is made out of and what kind of water will be coming in contact with your jewelry (sweat, fresh, salt, or chlorinated). Read on to find out if your jewelry can’t or shouldn’t be worn in the water so you avoid damaging your precious jewelry. If your jewelry does suffer any damage, bring it on in to our Denville NJ jewelry store’s showroom and we can take a look to see how to repair it.

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Lace Clothing

Textiles & Lace: Romantic Gifts That Aren’t Jewelry

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Lace has been traditionally gifted as 13th Anniversary presents for centuries. Nowadays, people tend to go more towards fabrics for gifts. Items such as furniture, cushions, clothing or decorative fabrics are all possible gift ideas for 13th Anniversaries.

But textiles and lace gifts are not limited to 13th Anniversaries. You may not want to get just a piece of fine jewelry; you may decide to also get a thoughtful and beautiful lace or textile-based gift. We’re here to help you choose the perfect textile or lace gift for your significant other, in addition to offering suggestions for fine jewelry that pairs well with such gifts.
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Getting Jewelry Appraised: How to Know How Much Your Jewelry is Really Worth

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Perhaps you have some jewelry you want to get appraised or have already gotten appraised. How do you know you’re getting a fair deal on what your piece of jewelry is really worth? Guida Jewelers experts want to identify some characteristics about jewelry that will affect its value, so that you can gain a better understanding of what to consider when getting jewelry appraised. Read More